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What We Offer

Simply Balloons s the go-to balloon decorator in Northwest suburbs in Chicago with great arrangements and outstanding service. We work with client’s to ensure that the color schemes, architecture, and installation are exactly what you want. That means that you will have someone working with you to ensure that you achieve the desired look. 
We are familiar with working in a variety of different styles and colors. We deliver on an event such as:


Baby and bridal showers


Milestone anniversaries

Grand openings


Corporate events


And more

As we specialize in helping people make certain events in their life special.  Our arches, columns, and sculptures are all capable of becoming precisely what you envision. However, if you arrive and find yourself lacking ideas, we will be happy to help.
We have helped numerous people create designs that they couldn't quite explain.You can also bring in the inspiration of your own. Have a theme for your party? That's great! 
We can help you find a way to work your theme into the balloon decorations. 

 Our staff will help you design your balloon decorations, create them, and then arrive on the day of your event to install them.

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